Daddy’s Before & After School Philosophy

  1. Respect – We believe in The Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  2. Sports & Recreation РWe develop physical literacy through promotion of team and individual sports. Physical Literacy is the foundation of Participation and Excellence. It can be described as fundamental movement skills, fundamental sports skills, and reading the environment. Benefits of physical literacy are physical competence, confident participation, effective interaction, confidence and self-esteem, and sensitive interaction with others. The comprehensive Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model we follow ensures enjoyable lifelong playing opportunities for players of all levels of ability, as well as for elite players who pursue excellence!
  3. Character Development – We believe individuals don’t just become, rather, they choose to become. Helping others helps us. A player who makes the team great is more valuable than a great player!

Daddy’s Before & After School came to be for 2 reasons:

First: While being laid off, kids started gravitating to our place to play. They learned to bike, scooter, roller blade, take jumps, play hockey and soccer, take shots, take turns being goalie, etc. Our place became the centre of activity!

My wife said to me one day, “If you love to play with the kids so much, why don’t you start a Before & After School?” At first, it was just a thought in the clouds, but then, we began talking about it with the neighbours. One neighbour said, ” If anyone would be good at it, it certainly would be you!” Another neighbour said, “You may as well, kids are always there anyway!”

It sounded fun, that this could actually be a job! Now, it is fun and it beats any job!

Second: We wanted more for our kids. We wanted them on the ski hills, rinks, toboggan hills, bike trails, pump tracks and more! Not tied up in a building. Kids here are on field trips every week!!

Plus, if you have practice, we do our best to accommodate you. So parents, beat the rush and get your kids to practice!

This Before & After School is Dedicated to Sport and Recreation.