1. What ages of children do you accept? 5-12, must be in Kindergarten at least half a day or in Grade 1-6.
  2. Is care available full time and part time? Currently, Full for Full Time but Open for Part Time or Drop-In.
  3. Does cost include transportation? To and From School, and to and from Before & After School activities.
  4. Does cost include snacks or food? Yes, while at B&A School. Bring own lunch for school.
  5. What if you are sick, where will my kids go? ┬áKris very rarely gets sick, ask any hockey or soccer teammates, we are reliable as they come! In a rare instance, he’s sick, Candace is always there to help!
  6. My kid is allergic to peanuts, are you nut free? No.
  7. My kid is allergic to pets, are you pet free? Yes.
  8. What activities will my kid do? Lots, including: Taking Shots, skiing/snowboarding, biking, basketball, hockey, legos, scootering, colouring, dancing/music, ping pong, soccer, badminton, tennis, baseball, tobogganing, sticks & pucks, swimming, skating, and Taking Shots!
  9. Will they get help with homework? If you say Please!
  10. Are you licenced and approved? Not yet.
  11. Do you provide transportation only? Yes, please call: 403 589-2509.